IEF Schools COVID-19 Updates


Dear Respected Students and Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum,

Inshallah this reaches you all in the best of health and Iman. I pray that all our Al-Hikmah students and families are healthy and safe during these trying times.  As we are approaching the end of the ten-day distant learning, I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the upcoming weeks during the school shutdown due to COVID-19.   

Let me begin by saying how much we dearly miss all our students. We are deeply concerned for our students’ health and well-being, as well as their families. Although none of us have experienced a pandemic before, the Al-Hikmah family of students, parents, educators, leaders, and all other members have quickly risen to the occasion, as usual! We would like to thank everyone for your kindness, support, patience and cooperation throughout these times.

As you know, at Al-Hikmah we strive for excellence in academics and faith for our students, and in this occasion, Excellence stands for- bringing everyone’s strengths and faith together. That is exactly what we are doing and continue to do remotely in order to serve our most important assets- your children.

The next few weeks will not be easy. There will be mistakes, problems, and concerns along the way. However, there will be more successes, happiness, hope, laughter, fun, and purpose. We understand many of you are still working and have several children to help, financial concerns, health issues, etc.  We are here to patiently support our students and you throughout this challenging time.  Please do not stress over the schoolwork via distance learning or printed packets. Frustrations are high due to circumstances out of our control and we don’t want to increase the stress on our families. We are going to do our best to provide schoolwork to keep our students’ minds moving forward. But you are the parents and they are with you, so you have control to adjust as needed for your child/children.  Again, contact your teacher via email or text message via apps being used, if you need help.

We also ask for your continued support, patience and understanding as we travel this new territory, too. Our teachers and other employees are working long hours from home while dealing with the needs of all their students and making sure to keeping consistent communication.

Jazzak Allah Khair,

Sr. Hayat Jaludi


Please follow the below schedule:

IEF SCHOOLS Remote Learning Schedule during COVID-19 School Closing

March 30 – April 3 DISTANCE LEARNING continued
April 6 – 10 Spring Break- Off time
April 13 – TBA Distance Learning UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


**The IEF schools will continue to be closed in accordance with and direction from our County districts and from the State Department of Education.  In the meantime, all our students are guaranteed the best remote learning using the following online tools, such as; Zoom meetings, Class DOJO, Remind 101, etc.   Moving forward in the upcoming weeks our school will begin new instruction and follow the curriculum.  Clear directions will continue to be communicated with you.