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Welcome to Al-Hikmah School, where educational excellence and faith are connected!

Our website has many informational sections to help you learn more about our school and community. If you have any questions or are ready to tour our school, please contact the admissions office at (973) 790-4700.

"Life at Al-Hikmah is special. Not everyone gets a chance to learn about their religion with their friends."
- Naba S., Class of 2016


Al-Hikmah Information

ConstructionAl-Hikmah school is an Islamic Educational Institution that serves students in Grades Pre-K through Grade 6. Al-Hikmah graduates are guaranteed admission into the prestigious Al-Ghazaly HS in 7th Grade.
Our campus houses 17 bright and welcoming classrooms, a fully equipped science laboratory, a gymnasium, and a computer room, complete with SMART board, telecommunication technologies and student workstations. All classrooms are also equipped with the newest teaching and computer technologies.

Our highly qualified staff, many of which have been with our school since its foundation, are dedicated to student achievement. Most of our teachers are certified in their subject area or completing certification and many hold Masters Degrees in the field of education.

Wall PaintingWe provide diversified curricula and a school environment that foster a life-long love of learning and a deep and passionate love of Islam and its moral teachings. All students in grades KG-6 receive core content subjects including 10 periods of English, 5 Periods of Math, 4 Periods of Science, and 3 Periods of Social Studies per week. Additionally, students are instructed in Islamic course (4 Periods of Arabic and 4 Periods of Islamic Studies(Quran), 1 Period of Thahbiya per week), specials (2 Periods of Gym and 1 Period of Technology Education per week). To learn more about PreK, please click here.

Al-Hikmah School was founded in 1992. It is one of three schools founded by the IEF, which recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary.

We feel strongly that all of our students must be offered programs that meet their learning needs and work closely with NJ State to offer supplemental instruction for students with special needs. If you are wondering if Al-Hikmah school is the best choice for your child, please schedule an appointment to talk with our principal.

To learn more or schedule a tour, please call the Al-Hikmah School Office at (973) 790-4700 or email


School Statistics

Location: Prospect Park, NJ

Our building is located in a quiet area in Northern Jersey. We are easily accessible from Route 46 and Route 80 and are situated about 10 minutes from the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC) of which we have a wonderful, working relationship with the staff and sheikh.

Most of our families live in Passaic and Bergen County and busing and transportation reimbursement is available to help commuting families.

Enrollment: 300 students in grades PreK-6

Al-Hikmah graduates are guaranteed admission into the prestigious Al-Ghazaly HS in 7th Grade, which is the first Islamic High School in NJ upon which all other Islamic systems were inspired. To learn more about our High School's academic standing and the accomplishments of our High

Student to Teacher Ratio: 13:1

Academic Program:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Studies
  • Quran
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Technology


Al-Hikmah school offers after school sports programs including  basketball and girls' gymnastics.

Academic Honors

Our students participate in many academically enriching activities and are often honored in these.

Extracurricular Opportunities:

  • Model United Nations
  • National Elementary Honors Society
  • Writers' Club
    • Participants are involved in the school newspaper, The Hikmah Times, poetry writing, and essay competitions.
  • Spelling Bee
  • Quran Club (after school)
  • Science Olympiad
  • Science Fair
  • Character Counts!
  • Girls Scout
  • Art Shows
  • Annual Mock Trial
  • In addition to many enriching field trip opportunities

Standardized Tests

Al-Hikmah students consistently score above the state-wide and national averages on Terra Nova testing in every student population.

Additionally, our school has improved every testing year on by an average of 1.5% an academic year. Please take a look at graphs of our Terra Nova scores over the past 3 academic years.


The Hikmah Difference: What makes Hikmah different from other schools?

Al-Hikmah provides students in Pre-K through Grade 6 a highly developed curriculum across all subjects.

We are a Pre-K through Sixth grade school, proud to serve nearly 300 young learners in our community.  As a primary school, we strive to support the growth of the whole child in building their overall character, social, emotional and academic skills to prepare them for their future, career and community. Our School Improvement Plan is to build on the strong practices we have established over the past many successful years.   We will continue to refine and develop our Character Development program, our Academics such as, Reading, Math, Science, Quran and instructional practices in all grades. Our goal is for each lesson to have a clear purpose with teacher modeling and questioning to support student access to grade level content. Our teachers will continue to come together weekly to collaborate and plan for literacy and math instruction using culturally responsive strategies and practices.

Our entire staff is committed to working in partnership with our families and our school community, striving to be a school where ALL feel welcomed and valued. As a staff, we will remain focused on teaching with an equity lens, and embracing the importance of developing each student through academics, personal and spiritual growth.



Sr. Hayat Jaludi, Principal

Dear Respected Parents,

Alhikmah is a place where we build relationships and create a sense of belonging, a community, where we help to develop your children academically, socially while instilling Islamic values, it is important for you to know without your support this becomes difficult.

we want to develop your child to have the skills of curiosity, (to ask questions, discover), to have compassion to know the importance of caring for others and being part of the larger whole, to be a critical thinker, and lastly to have ownership, to set goals and take charge their responsibilities.

However, we are not just about academics. We are dedicated to the development of the “Total Child.” At every grade level, students will take a journey to discover who they are as individuals, as thinkers, and, ultimately as leaders.

We will continue to work together to develop your children with the drive to lead and make a difference in our ever-changing world.

Jazzak Allah Khair


Welcome to PreK!

Our highly qualified and caring PreK 3-4 staff will help your child transition easily into Kindergarten. The PreK  4  room is a bright and welcoming classroom with many resources to help develop your child's social, academic, and Islamic skills. There are five full time staff members in our PreK 4 , class fills at 22 students (A 7:1 ratio). The PreK 3 class fills 11 students. We encourage our parents to register quickly as this class usually fills by early April. To schedule an appointment and an interview for your child, please call the main office at (973) 790-4700.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Mastery of PreK concepts including shapes, counting to 100, colors, letter names, and calendar skills
  • Introduction to letter sounds and reading
  • Introduction to number concepts and patterns
  • Arabic
    • Letter names and sounds
    • Vocabulary building including colors, shapes, animals, and calendars
    • Numbers and counting to 10
  • Islamic Studies
    • Short Surahs from Chapter 30 of the Quran
    • Duas for daily use
    • Most importantly, our teachers instill a deep love for Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Enrichment reading program for students who show potential
    • Uses Hooked on Phonics and the research of Sydney Ledson
    • Students in this Program are able to read full sentences and simple books by the end of the year.
  • Book-Making
    • Using invented spelling and illustrations, students create original books and conference with their teachers to create meaning.


  • Physical Education 2 times a week
  • Outdoor playtime on warm days
    • Sand and Water Play
    • Use of 2 on-campus Playgrounds
  • Daily center time using enriching classroom play areas
  • Daily Music & Movement using Islamic Anasheed
  • Weekly Art Projects that are theme-related
  • Educational Field Trips


Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts uses a systematic approach which incorporates writing, reading, spelling, and vocabulary into rich and authentic assignments. Students use the Columbia's Writers workshop.

Mathematics uses Pearson Realize enVision Math for grades KG-5 and for 6th Grade Pearsons Connected Mathematics Program 3. Follows New Jersey common core standards.  Students love using mathematical manipulatives to better understand the concepts at hand. Parents love that our curriculum spirals so that students are introduced and reminded of mathematical concepts throughout the year.

Science classes are taught through hands on labs and experiments that allow students to understand age-appropriate concepts in meaningful ways. Our Upper Elementary Grades use our newly renovated, state-of-the-art science lab to complete lab work.

Social Studies focus on meaningful applications of social concepts and citizenship. Starting in Pre-K, students begin to learn about themselves as active members in society and how their relationships with others can affect social systems. As students move through the elementary grades, these concepts are solidified and advanced into learning about local communities, national communities, and global communities.

Arabic is emphasized in our school because it is the language of the Holy Quran. Students are able to read passages from the Holy Quran by the beginning of 1st  Grade. Students use the writing process to create Arabic compositions.

Islamic Studies teaches children about our great heritage and Muslim values. We have a very qualified staff and a highly developed curriculum.

Our students begin Quran instruction in Pre-K and by 6th Grade can memorize up to 12 Juz. We also offer an after-school enrichment program.


National Elementary Honor Society

Al-Hikmah School NEHS

TeacherOur school began a chapter of National Elementary Honors Society (NEHS) in 2007. Since then, we have focused our efforts on using this opportunity to teach our students about the importance of giving and community service.

This year NEHS at Al-Hikmah School is taking on 3 projects. The first project involves giving back to our school. The NEHS students will be hosting weekly tutoring sessions in all academic subjects. We feel that this peer-tutoring program will allow all of the students in our school to benefit as they learn to cooperate with their peers. Our students have begun to trust each other more fully as they all take responsibility for their successes and failures together. Additionally, research has shown that peer tutoring models help both the struggling and proficient students in understanding material more deeply.

The second is to have students learn responsibility, safety and organization.  Hence, we have implemented Al-Hikmah Safety Patrol.  Students in our school have all taken on a big role in this effort which has been completely orchestrated by the 5th and 6th Graders in NEHS. Students in NEHS have taken on the responsibility of monitoring younger students and volunteering for school events.

Finally, our students will be giving back to our local community by volunteering and raising funds for local organizations, such as Evas Village, St. Josephs Toy drive, CUMAC can drive. Essentially learning responsibility , leadership , commitment and the satisfaction of helping others.

We believe that these 3 projects will help our students understand the importance of giving back to their school, local communities, and the world at large!