Al-Ghazaly Jr./Sr. High School COVID-19 Newsletter and Slides

Al-Ghazaly Jr./Sr. High School News 4/1/20

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah WA Barakatu. I pray you are all doing well and are in the best of health and highest of iman. May You all be safe at home, we truly are missing you all dearly, may Allah swt bring this to an end soon so we can be back inside the doors of Al-Ghazaly and appreciate all the blessing we had.  Alhamdulilah we, the teachers, students, and parents all learned so quickly about remote learning and how to keep the educational and spiritual process moving! We are so proud of you ALL! You are in our hearts and prayers, Allah swt knows what is best and inshaAllah we will all be better and stronger from this experience.  InshaAllah, we are finding the KHAIR and seeing the abundance of the ni3aam Allah swt has bestowed on us, learning how to be more patient as we are confined to our homes, learning so many new technologies and new forms of learning, and MOST IMPORTANTLY STRENGTHENING OUR IMAN and GETTING CLOSER TO ALLAH swt!  Barak Allah Feekom.

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Also see our slideshow with more details and spiritual content. GHS COVID- 19 NEWS “2” ALL ABOUT OUR DISTANCE LEARNING at Al-Ghazaly HS

I ask Allah swt in prayer and duaa to protect you all and keep you and your loved ones, our muslim ummah, and all of humanity safe from this pandemic and for it to end soon.

Jazzakum Allah Khair,

Sr.Khaldiya Mustafa