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The Islamic Education Foundation believes strongly that the fundamental goal of teaching is to foster learning. The point of focus in the teaching and learning process is the student, whose desire to learn is a vital pre-condition to effectively mastering new concepts and skills.

An integral part of the instructor’s job is to ignite that desire and curiosity in students so that they can be motivated to participate in the learning process. It is through knowledge and expertise and the ability to accommodate different learning styles that teaching staff can manage to create the required environment that is conducive to learning.

It is our belief that the concept of Interconnectedness between different subjects should be well anchored so that our students grasp the notion of holistic understanding where everything fits together. Teaching students critical thinking and ways to reflect as well as to challenge assumptions is another target to facilitate their involvement in the teaching and learning process.

Respect for students is key, not only to encourage their openness to the material presented, but also to inspire them to respect each other and all other humans.

Learning is a process, rather a journey that has no end or definite boundaries; the more someone knows, the more the urge is stimulated to explore.


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