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Our SchoolsScience Department Vision    January 28, 2020

The vision of the IEF Science Program is to ensure that the students engage in guided inquiry and to nurture the wonder and curiosity of the student. Science classrooms in elementary resemble laboratories where students explore and use scientific methods of inquiry. Science classrooms extend beyond classrooms to include science museums and field trips.

In KG to 8th Students:

  • Acquire an understanding of the fundamental concepts in life, earth, physical, and environmental sciences.
  • Are engaged in student-centered motivating learning experiences.
  • Develop process and thinking skills, and learn to apply these processes in making decisions.
  • Learn to ask questions and use scientific methods to find answers to their questions.
  • Recognize the important role that science and technology play in 21st century life.
  • Are enthusiastic and develop confidence with the study of science.
  • Provide students with opportunities to learn with engaging science texts.
  • Are able to demonstrate what they know using different assessment strategies.
  • Communicate their understanding using written, graphical, or multimedia methods.
  • Take part in designing creative solutions to engineering challenges.

Click here for resources and fun elementary science activities

High School Science Curriculum
The science courses in the high school are laboratory college preparation courses. The students can choose to take Honor and Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Calculator and computer based labs are integrated in all courses. The courses meet the requirement to SAT subject tests. The courses meet as well the NJ Science Core Curriculum Standards in content and lab requirements.

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