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Our SchoolsMathematics Department Vision    January 28, 2020

K-12 Mathematics Vision


The mathematics curriculum in IEF aligns with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards. The vision of the mathematics instruction ensures that:

  • The students learn mathematical concepts rather than simply memorize procedures.
  • Students solve problems relevant to real world situations
  • Students reason and communicate their reasoning every day
  • Students work together to learn mathematics
  • Teachers set high expectations for all their students and provide opportunities for success.

Please click here for the Math NJ Core Curriculum Standard

Professional Development
The department will ensure a quality of professional development which:

  • offer on-going professional development to prepare teachers with the appropriate instructional philosophy and strategie
  • provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate across vertical teams and across grade level
  • Provide opportunities for peer coaching and lesson modeling
  • provide opportunities for teachers to attend workshops at both novice and expert levels
  • Focuses on specific content material
  • Provide techniques such as unit planning and identifying essential questions and enduring understanding.
  • Provide training in questioning strategies for high order thinking skills

The curriculum is rich and rigorous and provides students with appropriate supports to meet the high goals and expectation. The school uses a variety of resources. Everyday Mathematics aids in delivering the elementary curriculum. Everyday Mathematics focuses on the five math standards, Number and Numerical operations, Measurement and Geometry, Patterns and Algebra, Data analysis and Probability, and Mathematical processes.

Please click here for additional information about Everyday Mathematics



Middle grade Mathematics,6th-8th
We believe that all students should be able to reason and communicate proficiently in mathematics. Through a problem-centered curriculum, the students make sense of the mathematics and process the mathematics in a retrievable way. Connected Math, the adopted curriculum for 6th-8th grade, builds understanding and ability to solve problems with reason, insight, inventiveness and proficiency.

Please click here for additional information about Connected Mathematics



High School Math
The curriculum in the high school is standards-based and clearly articulated among all grade levels. The department continually reviews the curriculum to meet the national and local changes. The department infuses technology in the 6-12 math, including graphic calculators, TI inspire, geometry sketchpad software, document cameras, and LCD projectors.

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