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Our SchoolsCurriculum and Instruction Vision    January 18, 2020

Curriculum and Instruction Vision


The goal of the Curriculum and Instruction is to work with the department chairs and staff to design, implement, and deliver a curriculum that prepare our students for knowledge and skills of the twenty first century. Our curriculum promotes the use of innovative learning strategies, integrates technologies, and incorporates inquiry approaches and higher order thinking skills. The curriculum ensures building a well rounded, vastly educated, technologically skilled, and competitively trained future leaders with a deep understanding of Islam as the religion of knowledge and morals.

Our curriculum is based on the internationally recognized Understanding by Design model that ensures enduring understanding of concepts, improves student achievements, guides students to unlock their potential talents, and enhances their ability to make reasonable, ethical, and Islamic decisions. Following the UBD across all content areas will expose our students to a cross curriculum stream of knowledge that connects all pieces of information in creative ways. Adopting the UBD model across grade levels empowers our future leaders by instilling the essentials of Islam and knowledge.

We consistently and diligently endeavor to strengthen our curriculum programs, improve our instructional strategies, and review assessment practices at all levels. The on-going professional learning activities target processes and strategies that inspire our teachers to use research-based instruction. The curriculum department has created a Standards Driven model of professional learning for education stakeholders that includes online learning, mentoring for teacher certification, virtual and face-to-face professional learning communities, and onsite training. The primary goal of this initiative is to create 21st century learning environments that engage students, foster achievement, and cultivate the skills needed to compete, connect, and collaborate in a global society.

Creating 21st Century New Jersey Schools: Fall 2009 Parent Outreach
We are proud to be part of the statewide systematic change to meet the 21st century skills. An outreach to parents is part of the Department of Education’s three-year statewide systemic model to engage all education stakeholders in preparing students in an information age where critical thinking, effective communication across cultures and the ability to collaborate in a global environment to create new products or solve local and world problems are considered indispensible skills.
Video on 21st Century skills

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