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Our SchoolsAl-Hikmah Elementary SchoolOur StaffMathematics    January 28, 2020


Sr. Sara Abuawadeh- 3rd and 4th Grade Mathematics, 3rd Grade Science

Salaam Alaikum.
All praise is due to Allah, who has blessed me with one of the greatest gifts of all, teaching.

I have been with the I.E.F. for over 15 years, where I have happily taught various levels KG, 3rd and 4th grades. One of my many goals is to make learning the most enjoyable experience that a child can acquire throughout his/her early school years.

My classroom success can only come from Allah and of my high expectation of the students to perform to their full capabilities. My vision is to see children being taught beyond the covers of the textbooks. 

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Sr. Iffat Naser- 5th and 6th Grade Mathematics, 3rd Grade Science

My name is Iffat Naser. I graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelors in Science.  Shortly after graduation I worked in Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (Research and Development) for several years.
I became part of the Al-Hikmah community in 2001 as I parent at which time I found a love for teaching and raising the Muslim Ummah.  I began substituting in local schools with a certificate of substitution and spent two years teaching Science and Mathematics in local schools.
Being raised in America, and raising my own children, has encouraged me to see the need to help the new generation of Muslims become leaders.   I hope to use hands-on activities and modern technology to instill the zeal of knowledge and love of Islam into my students’ hearts.

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