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Our SchoolsAl-Hikmah Elementary SchoolOur StaffLanguage Arts    January 28, 2020



Sr. Saba Alnsour, Grade 3

Sr. Auroba Shiba, Grade 4

Sr. Farah Chaudhry, Grade 5

Sr. Sana Darwish, Grade 6


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Language Arts


Sr. Saba Alnsour, 3rd Grade Language Arts

My name is Saba Alnsour. I am teaching third grade and loving it!
Throughout my ten years of teaching, I have worked with different grades and in different subject areas.  I feel especially privileged to work with third graders and to spark their love of reading and writing.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English. Currently I am in the process of becoming a certificated teacher.

Through teaching I have learned many techniques and variety of teaching strategies that allow me to bring excitement and enthusiasm into the classroom. My goal as a teacher is to establish a passion for learning while providing my students with encouraging and positive educational environment. In addition, I constantly try to correlate the Islamic perspective with academic subjects that I teach.


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Sr. Auroba Shihab- 4th Grade Language Arts

As Salamu Alaikum,

My name is Sr. Auroba Shihab.  I have been a member of Al-Hikmah School family for the past fourteen years.  I became an NJ certified teacher for grades K-8th in 2002.  I earned a B.A. in English Literature at The University of Baghdad.

To me teaching has a deeper meaning than just a career or a profession. I have always understood teaching as being a process of give and take.  Throughout these years I was able to build a special bond with my students who have taught me as much as I taught them.  I have strived all these years with one main goal, which is to instill the Islamic values in the young minds of our children so that they may become the next Muslim leaders of the world.



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Sr. Farah Chaudhry- 5th Grade Language Arts

I received my Master's and Teacher Certification in Special and Elementary Education from the Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education. I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology which was also completed at Rutgers University, in New Brunswick.

I completed my student teaching in one of the top districts in NJ and hope to use this experience to help our Muslim community at Al-Hikmah.  I also am pursuing a degree in Islamic Studies.

I hope to connect English literature and writing with Islamic values and teachings and provide the type of Islamic academic education that our Muslim children deserve.


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Sr. Sana Darwish- 6th Grade Language Arts

Our precious students are our amana and our future.  InshaAllah,  our expertise and deep devotion will enable us to bring forth the best education to our students as we instill Islamic etiquette along the way.

I have a Masters in Education-Elementary Reading and Literacy, a NJ CE Certificate in LA/Literacy Specialization in Grades 5-8, and a NJ CE Certificate in Elementary School Teacher in Grades K-5.  I am also dedicated to the Islamic Schooling model and have seven years of teaching experience in Islamic Institutions.

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