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Our SchoolsAl-Hikmah Elementary SchoolOur StaffArabic    January 28, 2020


Sr. Reda Eid- 1-4th Grade Arabic, 1-2nd Grade Islamic Studies & Quran

Assalamu Alaikum

I have been teaching at Al-Hikmah School Arabic, Islamic Studies & Quran for 14 years. With every year that passes, I gain more experience and I tweak my teaching style to better suit the learning needs of the students. Learning Arabic is difficult in a non-Arabic speaking society, so my goal is to make sure students enjoy learning the language so they can hold on to it after class. I feel that the most important thing is quality not quantity.

My final message that I would like to deliver is I love my students and I like to make them feel special in their own way so they can have a passion for learning.



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Sr. Nahla Khonako- 1st-6th Grade Arabic

I have taught for the past 29 years in a Elementary schools When I was in Syria, I taught for about 21 years all the subjects, such as Math, Science, Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies. Since I moved to the U.S, I started to volunteer at Al-Hikmah School for a couple of months. Then, I became a teacher at Al-Hikmah School in 2002 and until now I have been teaching Arabic. I love teaching and I work very hard to teach the students the Arabic language since it's their second language.


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Sr. Dalia ElShazly- 1st-4th Grade Arabic, 5th and 6th Grade Quran

My name is Dalia ElShazly, I was born in Egypt and I graduated from Alexandria University in 1997. I moved to USA with my husband and.  Here I spent 3 yearsin learning tajweed in the ICPC of NJ.  After which, I had the honor to work in the after school Quran program at Al-Hikmah to teach the students how to read Quran, and to help them memorize it. After one year I joined the Arabic  department here and have focused on raising the reading, speaking, writing and listening skills among our non-Arabic speaking population.


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Sr.Rola Awad - 5th and 6th Grade Arabic


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