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Our SchoolsAl-Hikmah Elementary SchoolCurriculum Highlights    January 28, 2020




Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts uses a systematic approach which incorporates writing, reading, spelling, and vocabulary into rich and authentic assignments.  Students use the Writing Through Understanding method which has worked with great success at our High School.  Students use the writing process to create published pieces. 
Mathematics uses The Chicago University "Everyday Math" Series.  Students love using mathematical manipulatives to better understand the concepts at hand.  Parents love that our curriculum spirals so that students are introduced and reminded of mathematical concepts throughout the year.
Science classes are taught through hands on labs and experiments that allow students to understand age-appropriate concepts in meaningful ways.  Our Upper Elementary Grades use our newly renovated, state-of-the-art science lab to complete lab work. 
Social Studies focus on meaningful applications of social concepts and citizenship.  Starting in Pre-K, students begin to learn about themselves as active members in society and how their relationships with others can affect social systems.  As students move through the elementary grades, these concepts are solidified and advanced into learning about local communities, national communities, and global communities.
Arabic is emphasized in our school because it is the language of the Quran.  Students are able to read passages from the Quran by the beginning of 2nd Grade.  Students use the writing process to create Arabic compositions.
Islamic Studies teaches children about our great heritage and Muslim values.  We have a very qualified staff and a highly developed curriculum.
Quran-our students begin Quran instruction in Pre-K and by 6th Grade can memorize up to 12 Juz.  We also offer an after-school enrichment program.

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